Email Campaigns

Email marketing helps you keep customers and prospects coming back—by using attractive, professional-looking email communications to stay in regular touch with them and build strong customer relationships. It's better and more effective than regular email.

Creating an email newsletter just got super-easy.
Add your colors and logos to one of our 4000+ templates.
Bring your news and promotions to life with pictures – store 5 at a time for FREE
Promote your social media pages in your emails - insert links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Use the new Auto-Tweet feature to automatically post your emails to your Twitter feed
Share your message on social media sites with our new Social Share feature - and drive more business

Affiliate Management

Our pay-per-lead model even more effective when you can focus on highly effective Pay Per Click Affiliate Program. In this case your company running the program pays whenever some one clicks on your banner or link from your site. Profit By Search believes in providing reliable pay per click management such that you get rich traffic on your site all the time. Pay Per Click Affiliate Program takes it to different level and adjusts your payment rate according to the quality of clicks you receive. For anything other than a small website , all PPC programs require more effort for not much return. At Profit By Search we focus on a maximum ROI for you! Interested?

At Profit By Search we provide an effective Pay Per Click Affiliate Program that can uplift your online business. Have a thought how we can provide you with profits , through our PPC Affiliate Program! Our Pay Per Click Affiliate Program can be very useful in providing content for your website and free advertising credits. Profit By Search’s Pay Per Click Management and Pay Per Click Affiliate Program targets to give your website a prime exposure to your target users.

Why now start earning credits towards PPC search engine advertising. Pay Per Click Affiliate Program also aim to provide your visitors with free content and wit the help of search capabilities on your website allowing visitors to research or to help find something they are searching for. Thus you are bound to get serious buyers visits on your business. Pay Per Click Affiliate Program is one of the most commonly used program by many in order to get major traffic to their website. We as a world class media company can get your website the presence it needs to be searched by search engines. This way we can generate a lot of rich traffic for your website.

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