Insightful Market Research

Market research is the field in which the principle of “garbage in, garbage out” has the most application. Programming and deploying online surveys is easier and cheaper than ever, however the online tools that facilitate this don’t provide the content of the actual survey. You still need expertise in questionnaire design, research methodology, sampling and data analysis to be able to extract useful insights from the survey data.

Customers’ feedback often provides invaluable insights given the relationship they already have with a company. What’s more, a customer database is the cheapest source of sample for research purposes, since it is already in-house. However, be aware of its potential limitations given the profile of your customers and the type of data you have gathered about them. Know how the database was sourced. For example, if most of your customers are small businesses or females younger than age 25 and you are interested in understanding how your products will perform in other market segments, then your customer database is not the right sample source for a market segmentation study.

Analytic Services And Methodology

The hallmark of our SEO methodology is the customization that we offer. We understand and appreciate that there are no one-size-fits-all SEO solutions, and each web site merits a different solution commensurate with the marketing objectives. To address the shortcomings in the web site from an SEO perspective, we offer comprehensive plans that are developed to address the deficiencies at a granular level.

Website and Competition analysis

  • The SEO Process starts with an analysis of the website on parameters like code consistency, broken links, Meta tags, keyword density, etc. to identify the inherent deficiencies and latent strengths. An exhaustive analysis is also carried out with a motive to gain an insight into the competitive environment.

Strategy Formulation

  • Based on the findings of the website analysis, a strategy is devised with the competition in mind. The strategy is so developed to address these deficiencies and leverage the latent strengths of the website, to achieve the set objectives. There after, it is broken down into functional modules with set time lines.

Keyword Selection

  • Keywords form the backbone of our SEO services. A prudent selection of keywords is essential in attracting visitors that are most desired by the website. Our experts perform intense research to identify the most appropriate keywords that will boost targeted traffic to the web site, for increased sales.

Site architecture and content optimization

  • Following the selection of the keywords, the structure and content of the website is modeled judiciously to represent the targeted keyword adequately. Appropriate structure (site map, pages, scripting, meta- tags etc) and content based on proper usage and density of keywords, with due emphasis on keyword prominence and proximity, makes a web site more search engine friendly and better ranked.

Link tracking and building

  • This is a vital and integral part of our Off Page initiative and complements the On Page efforts. Link tracking assists us in identifying potential link partners. This knowledge is harnessed to link the website to other thematically relevant web pages, through text links, articles links, submission links, etc. These links are important in attracting Search Engines crawlers to visit the website frequently, and cache the web pages.

Analysis and reporting

  • A thorough analysis of the project's progress is conducted, and a comprehensive report based on key performance parameters is compiled, and sent to the client. This also serves as a ready reference with which to plan modifications and additions for further improvements.

Business analysis

  • This step is crucial in measuring the actual profitability achieved through the campaign. We measure the traffic that our client's website received, against the conversion of that traffic to profitable business. A comparative analysis of the results, with the pre-determined campaign objectives, helps identify the areas for further improvement.

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