For companies selling goods around the globe, making sure the 3 C's - Compliance, Content & Connectivity - are part of the overall strategy. We understand this, and our expertise not only spans out multi channel sales and distribution, compliance, content strategies, and coonectivity but also, a 360 approach to ensure we touch each and every point of product cycle to ensure 100% quality, customer satisfaction, low returns, and huge volume sales.

ServicesUtilize Puredot's existing 20 years of experience in multi channel commerce, distribution & logistics.
ServicesEasy No Hassle access to North America, Europe and Asia market.
ServicesExisting contacts with Major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Sears, Overstock, Google and many more
ServicesNo upfront cost to utilize up-to-date regulatory trade data when exporting around the globe
ServicesNo need to connect with Customs and other government agencies around the world. No need to worry about complex paper work and programs such as the US Automated Broker
ServicesNo need to manage export license and documentation requirements for multiple countries