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We are a New York based web design and internet marketing agency. We serve clients all over US and worldwide. We’ve built over 500+ websites. We’ve managed cost effective online marketing campaigns that target audience over multiple channels.
Web Design

Web Design

An effective website is a rich mix of strategy, creativity, technology and sales focus; we work with you to build websites that achieve your online goals. We produce designs that capture your audience’s imagination and engage them in a powerful digital experience.
Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development

We understand that every business is unique. Your products, services, people and processes are unique. Your niche and target customers are unique. Your competitive advantage is unique. Our ecommerce web design solutions are tailored to meet your needs.
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Our search engine alignment and internet marketing programme is based on industry best practices. We are experienced in achieving top rankings and large volume of traffic for numerous clients. Our packages are bespoke to your business and your budget.
Mobile development

Mobile Development

Mobile browsing is expected to surpass desktop-based access within few years We can help you to convert your existing website into a mobile browser friendly version. We build apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and other platforms.
Online application development

Online Application Development

We’ve built several complex online applications. These applications are custom built to your needs. Some examples of such systems are CRM, accounting, work flow and business process automation.


If you are a web developer, design agency or a marketing agency, we can offer bespoke services to help you leverage on our capabilities. Our solutions and services could be easily re-branded under your identity.

Why use us over other

Web Design and Marketing Companies?


Our team has years of experience and track record of delivering over 500 successful web design and development projects. We’ve built several internet marketing campaigns.

End to End Solutions

We are digital agency offering end to end service of branding, web development and marketing. This saves you from hassle of working with and managing several different entities. We build your websites, engage in internet marketing campaigns and maintain and support your websites on a regular basis.

Sensible Pricing

Our rates are sensible and we offer true value for money. We are flexible to meet your timescales and fit your budgets. Whether you're looking for a simple 5page micro website / brochure web design or a large complex web development, we can promise to offer you excellent service at affordable prices.

Strategy and Goal Driven Approach

We take time to understand your business; this enables us to create an effective online strategy for your website.

Long Term Partnerships

We act as your partner and share your passion about your business. We have built long-term relationships with our web design clients, it’s not a coincidence that most of our business comes from referrals from existing clients.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Our web design projects are search engine friendly and standards compliant.

Back to basics guide – on internet success – download the full guide

Have a clear vision

Common sense says it’s smart to set your overall business goals from the start. It just brings things into focus. And it’s always a good idea to put your web design objectives on paper and share it with your employees, web designers and internet marketers. They may even have some ideas of their own. But either way, they’re more likely to work with you if they know where you’re going.

Know thy market

A bit of market research will help you to answer the following questions:
  • Is your online market local?
  • Is it global?
  • Do your customers search online for websites like yours?
  • How big is your market?
  • How well are your competitor’s websites doing?

Plan your website

Be clear about what do you want your website to achieve – more clicks? more phone calls? more sales? Clear objectives are really helpful. And writing them down makes them real. Then you can add any preferences for the website look and feel, website navigation and functionality.

Remember this – you are not right (always)

In an online environment, everything that you may think you know about the website user may well be wrong. They have a knack of behaving in ways you wouldn’t predict. Their reasons for choosing your products or services over your competitor’s website might be different from what you expect. So some simple research and testing can save you a lot of time and money.

Draw the full picture, personify your website customers

Lots of online businesses fail because they ignore their customers’ needs. There’s some information you really need to know to build an effective website.
  • Who are your website audiences?
  • Where they are?
  • What are they looking for, what defines their buying patterns, what makes them buy online?
  • How they will use search engines to find your website?
  • How will they navigate your website, how long will they spend, and how they interact with you?
  • Why might they abandon your website, or why might they not spend enough time on the site?

Keep it Super Simple – web design

Don’t let your customers arrive and have to ask themselves:

“Where am I? Where should I click? How much does it cost? I want to buy, but what next?” and so on...

Lack of clarity in web design is the number one reason people leave a website, and never forget – your competitors are just a click away. So the most important thing you can do is to understand how to eliminate question marks and how to make everything super obvious and super simple on your web design and layout.

People don’t read stuff on web pages anymore. We scan. So build web pages that are scan friendly

Nine visitors out of ten don’t read or absorb everything that is on a web page. We’re now conditioned to scan a web page, as we do with newspapers or magazines.

So think like a magazine editor, and make sure the key messages are contained within the headlines and the sub–headings.

Think web pages, think PureDot

PureDot catch your attention with bold headlines and visuals. The same principle applies to web pages. Have clear, distinct messages and remove clutter. Take the ‘less is more’ approach.

Our web design offering

With our presence in USA New York we can happily service most of the USA areas and INDIA now. A considerable proportion of our clients are based outside New York and outside USA for that matter. Should you prefer, our account managers would happily visit your premises even if you are not based in New York.We also have access to advanced communication and web project management systems using which we can offer you high quality of service online regardless of your location.

Web Design Projects Examples

  • Content Managed Website

    Content managed website
  • Ecommerce Web Design

  • Ecommerce Market Place

  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart Website

  • Web Design and Application Development for Car Rental Company

  • Wholesalers Website

Our Services

Strategy and Planning

  • Web design strategy
  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Internet business consultancy
  • Competition analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Website specification
  • Project management
  • Web conversion architecture
  • Web usability
  • Website focus groups

Web Design & Development

Internet Marketing & Promotions



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