Structured Approach

We gain deep understanding of requirements of our clients, provide them clear insight of work involved and advice them in many areas of their business. Our development and support approach can be divided into six stages as below:

Market Research & Competition Study

  • Identify potential market.
  • Identify market segment-geographic, age groups, economic groups.
  • Identify marketing avenues for getting web traffic.
  • Identify competition, their history.
  • Evaluate competition strategy and their success.
  • Evaluate competition prices.
  • Evaluate competition website and operations technology, size and scale.
  • Search engine research, key words research to identify customer interest.
  • Intellectual property rights, Rules & Regulations & Copyrights.

Business Process Evaluation


  • Compete on price
  • Compete on quality
  • Targeted groups
  • Change management
  • Response to competition
  • Customer support strategy
  • Marketing strategy

Category and Product evaluation

  • Product mix
  • Product attributes
  • Product pricing profit margins
  • Discount strategies
  • Product images and meta data sources

Operations evaluation

  • Sales Lifecycle
  • Order processing lifecycle
  • Inventory management
  • Customer support
  • Staffing
  • Outsourcing non-core operations


  • Integration with existing accounting packages

System Design Planning and Organization

Decide on general website features based on

  • Strategy
  • Product complexity
  • Operations
  • Accounting

Decide on branding for the website based on

  • Strategy
  • Competition study and industry optimized models

Decide on optimized layout and presentation

Allocate Resources

  • Time
  • Finance


Implementation & Setup

Payment Gateways & Processing



Online marketing

Search engine promotions

Ebay , Froogle, Amazon, Affiliate sites

Ongoing Review and Enhancements.

Ecommerce Business Questions to Answer:

Some basic questions to be answered to initiate the process:

  • What products are you planning to sell on the internet?
    Are there different manufacturers and different product categories?
  • Is your targeted market defined (consumer, business, age group, region) ?
    If yes, who are they please name?
  • Who is your competition or role model? What differentiates you from the competition?
    How do you foresee the presentation of that differentiator on the ecommerce website?
  • What kind of discounts or promotions would you like to carry out on the ecommerce website.
  • What kind of search feature would you want on the website- simple keyword search or an advanced search?
  • Do you want to allow trade accounts? Trade account users have different prices.
  • Do you want to give discounts on bulk buying or free delivery on orders above a certain price?
  • Do you want different types of delivery methods, standard delivery, express delivery with different pricing?
  • Do you want on online delivery tracking mechanism?
  • Do you want inventory control? Do you want the products to be made available on the website only if they are in stock? Or do you want the quantity in stock to be reduced based on sales made and stop displaying the product as soon as they no longer exist in stock?
  • What letters, invoices bills etc, would you send along with the delivery, do you want those to be generated automatically in printable format?
  • Do you want login accounts for customers that display previous order history?
  • Do you require site statistics, number of customers visiting etc?
  • Do you want to see the customer behavior on the website, what pages they go to, what products they add to basket and then buy them or abandon the basket?
  • Do you want to integrate website with Google Adwords, so that you can track sales made via google adwords?
  • Do you have a internet merchant account; do you have a preferred payment gateway?
  • Do you require an email marketing feature that allows you to send emails to registered users in form of newsletters, promotions etc?
  • Do you need gift vouchers or promotion/ discount vouchers?